Cut through the noise & donate to causes people care about.

The first platform that enables you to send customized, charitable donations at scale.

Gifting software that matters.

Go Give drives impact through a recipient focused, charity first approach to gifting.

Here's how it works...

Customize Gift

Create communication method for your outreach and customize so it is relevant and personalized.

Send Email

Recipient receives either an email or LinkedIn message with the charitable gift attached.

Connect & Impact

They are taken in to an experience that is sure to create connection & long lasting impact.

Powering Companies To Do Good

Join our clients in giving the gift of charity


Response Rate

Demos attended




Impact of gifts

Go Give can be used at every stage of your customers journey to surprise and delight with a gift that matters.


Campaign & webinar incentivization just got meaningful.


Land moments of impact during your lead generation.

Customer Success

Never let a renewal pass without delighting your customers.

Human Approach.

Incredible Results.

Trusted by thousands of companies

Join our clients in saving hundreds of hours per year on finances

100s of


1000s of

Impactful Gifts

Your current gifting strategy is failing.

Are your outbound teams finding it hard to send customized gifts at scale?

You are not alone.

Finding the right gift for either your prospects or customers can be a long & frustrating process.

Let us show you the answer...

GoGive enables customized charitable donations at scale, so you never go through the same pain again.

Has your prospect talked about a charity?

Do they actively volunteer?

With GoGive send them a gift that they will truly care about!

First, send a customized charitable donation.

Pick from a list of charities based on:

  • A charity they care about

  • The location that they live in

  • A charitable occasion e.g. Christmas

  • A charity their organization supports

Second, deliver an impactful gifting experience.

Not only are you delivering a gift that creates impact, you are also impacting the lives of those in need.

With the analytics Go Give provides, understand where your prospects are donating and provide data to your organization about all the good that you are doing in the world.

"Giving somebody the gift of charity, not only creates connection, but also puts money back in the hands of those that need that would have otherwise been wasted on swag"

– Kellen Casebeer, Chief of Staff, L.E.O.N

Our customers love us

"People have never been harder to reach. GoGive allows you to reach prospects on a different level through charitable giving"

Will Allred, Co-founder, Lavender

"GoGive is exactly what B2B sellers and marketers need to make a difference. Let's call it like it is: instead of 'corporate gifting' crap that they don't need, you can give your customers and prospects the opportunity to give to a cause that they care about"

Brooklin Nash, Head of Content, Outreach

"We have found that swag or gift cards, result in no responses the majority of the time, switching to charitable donations has changed the game for us"

Dave Nelson, CSR, Instructure

"Incredibly intuitive and helped us a lot. Get rid of the generic gift cards, it DOES NOT land with customers"

Tiffany Morris, CMO, Triton Investments

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